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Shea's Fierce Competitors

Billiards team. Greatest opportunity for a win. The opponent didn't show up until 9pm--almost a forfeit. Donal (center back row), team leader, decided to give them a break (8:30 is when the game is supposed to start).

Billiards team for the last game of the summer of 1999. Frank Meaney (front row center) had just mooned the camera before he planted his butt on the ground. Then went back inside and got s_ _ _ f_ _ _ _ _. Tim O'Shea and Adrian Donolo did their best to stay out of sight and wouldn't come out for the picture (Adrain was working). Later, the fierce competitors were on their way off (way--way off). For the season: Us--0, them--12. Sonny (back row under the m), tossed back his flowing locks and exclaimed, "We are the chumpions of the league".

Our Fierce Competitors In Action

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